Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

Before we got through this special day, why don't we seek for knowledge first about what is teacher's day is really about and who do we refers it to.

From what I've know, Teacher's day is a day where most people will show their appreciation to their teachers as they have been teaching them about knowledge etc. But i guess that is not all; in addition, i did a few research. :]

From Wiki::Teacher's Day are intended to be special day for the appreciation for teachers world wide.

Nak cari difinisi yang lain sikit tak jumpe. Senang kate, definisi yang ade over internet semua same.

However, we can't just limited the definition of Teacher's Day to a subject teacher, but also to anyone who guides us in our life is considered as a teacher especially our parents. I know many may not agree as most of their students life might not have been much comfortable with the teachers because of many reasons.

For example::
Monday is always boring
Oh I am so tired, i can't even stare at the teacher
He is so talkative
I can't even take a note with he/she teaching
I can't wait to see go him/her walk out through the door

and many more

I am sure teachers are not your rivals. Some may look very rigid and strict (I didn't write that), but its all like a jackfruit where the ultimate target is to get you moulded into a superb shape and motivate you to taste the of success!

So here, I would like to grasp this opportunity to give my deepest appreciation and gratitude to my dears teachers who inspire and thought me the beauty of education.

HaPpy Teacher's Day to teachers @
:: Tadika Permatang Pasir ::
:: S.K Permatang Pasir ::
:: S.K Kampung Rinching ::
:: S. Agame Kampung Rinching ::
:: S.K Bandar Rinching ::
:: S.K Bandar Tasik Kesuma ::
:: S.M.K Bandar Rinching ::
:: Aston Manor School ::

& also lectures @
:: Technology Mara of University ::

Not to forget,
 :: My beloved parents ::
:: Uncles ::
:: Aunties ::
and the rest of the family members ! ! ! :D

^,^   ^_^   ^.^

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, pagi tadi goin daddy pi gotong-royong at KL fasa 4 ni (Kesuma Lakes). so pagi-pagi lepas suboh tak tido balik la macam biase. hehe. habis je keje sume, balik rumah terus plan nak outing. first ingat nak out ngan abg je, tpi family dah plan something jugak, so ikot plan je laaa.

Jalan-jalan ingat pi Alamanda Putrajaya sebab nak men bowling. Tapi daddy drive pi sogo kat KL (Kuala Lumpur) hehe. Takde la besh sangat, macam takde pape je kat sogo tuh, tapi...SECRET RECIPE ade, kire OKay la kan. makan kat situ memang sedap and best. sume orang taw kan. tapi one thing je prob, harge mencekik darah betul ! xpasal kene RM50. kite anak senyum-senyum je lah lepas makan. but we are all very thank full. :]

Then, we're all ronda-ronda at KL. I and abg baru first time pergi KL slepas balik dari UK (not Ulu Klang), so apa pun tak ingat. bile tengok sume bagunan, yang duduk kat seat blakang, terutamnye yang abg no. 1 tulah, JAKONN!!!...hahah. yang adik no. 2 ni pun ape kurangnye...hehe. Satu hari ronda KL memang tak cukup. so family dah promise nak bawak pi KL selase ni lagi. Kali ni insya'allah pi main bowling skali, sebab tadi terinigin nak pi main, tapi mase tak mengizinkan. Tidak mengapalah... :)

Tak sabar-sabar nak menunggu hari selasa nih!!! :D


Assalamualikum semua ! ! !
Lamenye~lamenye tak update blog ni, dah mcm sarang ape tak taw. Malam ni mood ape tetibe dtg rse mcm nak update blog ni pun tak taw. haish. so, ape kate kite start over (da kali kebrape 'start over' pun tak taw da. hehe...ape-ape pun, insya'allah kalau ade pape, i'll post something. :D cheers !